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About Us

YashiTech is established in 2008, we are based in Dallas, Texas, US having offshore software development center located in New Delhi, India. Energy. It defines YashiTech. Consider our unique 'keep apace' operational culture. The spirited lot of hand-picked professionals. Our 'up-to-the-minute' knowledge base. Together they form a dynamic mix of value-generating characteristics that helps us delve into the heart of a problem and deliver precise solutions - repeatedly.
YashiTech's dynamic work environment constantly nurtures innovation, strategic thinking and creativity and is complemented by strict process controls across our delivery center and our partnership with leading software companies.
YashiTech is a leading provider of Information Technology consulting and services to number of clients across different Industrial sectors. YashiTech works with clients to define, implement, and manage a broad range of IT applications.
We believe in working with the client rather than working for the client. With the same motive we partner with our clients and understand their needs and provide the right blend of people to help them in making right decisions and who can take the initiative of going the extra mile to deliver a high quality product.
Path-breaking services that can boost organizational growth in key operational areas.
Fully Internet-enabled development center, using T1 data link, with backup supports of 256 K and 64 K links in Noida, India.
Offshore development, maintenance, and technical support capability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Flexibility to scale up or down, according to your needs.
On-the-fly manpower recruitment capabilities to enhance and ramp up existing teams. Facility in the US to serve clients.
YASHI Technologies LLC.
1205 J Meadow Creek Dr,
Irving, Texas,
USA 75038
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